Zoom R12 Multi-Track Recorder Interface & Controller w/ 18 Built-In Synth Instruments

Zoom R12 Multi-Track Recorder Interface & Controller w/ 18 Built-In Synth Instruments

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The R12 is made for musicians who live to make music. And they want the freedom to make music wherever they go. The R12 has super-clean preamps and you’ll love the way they sound. With two XLR/TRS inputs, and 8 tracks of audio, the R12 is perfect for recording everything from demos to release-ready songs. The R12 includes a send effects channel offering reverb, chorus and delay with a dedicated effects return fader. For advanced tones, you can use presets and effects from Zoom's Guitar Lab. The R12 also has pan and a 3-band EQ for each track and a compressor on inputs 1 and 2.

The R12 provides up to 5 hours on four AA batteries allowing you to bring your production anywhere. Additionally, you can use the R12 with the included AD-17 power adapter, or a USB battery.

Use Sequence Play to create a playlist of your projects. Then use them as backing tracks, whether you’re playing live or rehearsing a set. With 150 preloaded drum loops in a variety of patterns and genres, the R12 provides a versatile rhythm section for any project. Add additional audio samples by importing files into your R12 via Micro SD card or USB thumb drive.

The R12 includes an 1/8” stereo headphone jack as well as dedicated 1/4” monitor outputs. Use the R12 as a stereo audio interface with your favourite DAW or streaming platform, via USB-C. As a control surface, the transport controls and faders make it easy to adjust and control your software during production. Connect microphones, instruments or line level devices like keyboards, mixers and more. Input 1 on the R12 has a Hi-Z switch, allowing you to plug your guitar directly into the recorder. Both inputs on the R12 offer 48V Phantom Power for condenser microphones.

Activate the fully customizable click track with the press of a button. Click balance blends the metronome with your playback audio and routes it to your headphones and/or the main outputs. The R12 has 18 FM synth instruments built in. They can be played by plugging in a MIDI keyboard via USB-C or programmed using the touchscreen.

  • Multi-track digital recorder with up to 8 tracks of recording.
  • 2.4” Full Color LCD touchscreen display with easy touch and swipe editing
  • User friendly graphic interface with on-board editing capabilities
  • Battery Powered up to 5 hours (4 AA’s)
  • 2 XLR / TRS Combo inputs - with phantom power and HI-Z on input 1
  • Send effects channel with 4 options: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, or Guitar Lab preset (choose up to 3 effects from our guitar effects collection including distortions, modulation effects, spacial effects, and much more)
  • Built-in compressor for inputs 1 and 2
  • Pan and 3-band EQ for each track
  • Sequence play - for using backing tracks in a live setting
  • Drum loops (150 preloaded)
  • Records directly to microSDHC / microSDXC cards
  • Built-in USB-C audio interface (2-in/2-out or 2-in/4-out) with control surface function
  • Includes R12 MultiTrak, AD-17 AC Adapter, USB Cable, Quick Tour

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