Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard w/61-note Semi-Weighted Waterfall Action

Yamaha YC61 Stage Keyboard w/61-note Semi-Weighted Waterfall Action

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Designed for gigging keyboardists, the YC61 features a newly designed Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) Organ engine with physical drawbars, extensive real time control and authentic Acoustic/Electric Piano and FM synth sound.

How do you reproduce the warm, authentic sound of an organ in a compact stage keyboard? You build an organ engine the Yamaha way, from the ground up. The proprietary Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) recreates the circuits of vintage analog EQs, compressors and phasers right down to the transistors and resistors to capture the subtleties other digital simulations can’t. Whether you’re playing grand piano, upright piano, electric piano or more, YC61 gives you authentic keyboard sounds for any genre of music.

At Yamaha, we put everything we’ve learned over the last 100 years into everything you touch. With a totally redesigned waterfall keyboard and the perfect action, the YC61 feels the way an authentic organ was meant to feel. It’s no wonder more players reach for Yamaha keyboards than any other.

YC61 isn’t just designed to be played. It’s made to be bumped, jostled, scratched, crammed in a van, stuffed in an overhead bin and adored by players and fans, gig after gig. In short, it’s built to last, like the company that stands behind it.

YC61 feature a built-in USB stereo audio and MIDI interface for Mac, PC and iOS. With a single USB cable, you can record the YC61 audio and MIDI to a DAW and play and monitor virtual instruments.


  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Keyboard Type: Semi-weighted Waterfall keyboard, initial touch
  • Tone Generating Technology: VCM Organ, AWM2, FM
  • Number of Polyphony (Max.): [VCM Organ + AWM2]:128 *Total of VCM Organ and AWM2, [FM]:128
  • Number of Live Set Sound: 160 (Preset Live Set Sounds:80)
  • Number of Voices: 145 (Organ:6 / Keys:139)
  • Insertion Effect: Organ 1 systems (Pre Drive) / Key A 2 systems (1: 32 types, 2: 32 types) / Key B 2 systems (1: 32 types, 2: 32 types)
  • Effect: 32 types
  • Speaker/Amp: 6 types (Rotary Speaker: 2 types, Amp: 4 types)
  • Reverb: 1 type
  • Master EQ: 3 band (with sweepable Mid)
  • Line Out: OUTPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks, UNBALANCED)
  • Headphones: [PHONES] (6.3 mm, standard stereo phone jack)
  • AUX: INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks)
  • Connectors: [AC IN]
  • Display: Full Dot LCD (128 x 64 dots)
  • Additional package contents: Owner’s Manual x 1, Power cord x 1
  • Width: 35-1/4" (896 mm)
  • Height: 4-1/4" (108 mm)
  • Depth: 12-3/16" (309 mm)
  • Weight: 15 lb (7.1 kg, 10 oz)

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