Warm Audio Premier Series XLR Microphone Cable

Warm Audio Premier Series XLR Microphone Cable

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Warm Audio Premier Series XLR Cable

When we decided to create superior audio cables, we knew that we needed to find a partner just as meticulous as us when sourcing the highest quality components available. With that mission in mind, we partnered with Switzerland-based Gotham AG - Europe’s top producer of premium cable, known as “The Neumann Cable” for decades. The construction and components, in partnership with Gotham AG, allow Warm Audio to offer cables with absolutely stellar audio performance, near-perfect signal transfer, and ultimate reliability.

We couldn’t be happier to partner with Gotham AG on these beyond-professional cables, and we’re sure that when you use them you’ll get the full signal you’ve been missing with no added interference.

Premier Vs. Pro

Warm makes two lines of cable - Premier and Professional - in order to offer a wide variety of connection types in two different price ranges. While both product lines take advantage of Gotham AG’s state-of-the-art construction to deliver near-perfect signal transfer and both offer a lifetime warranty, the Premier line adds above-and-beyond features like gold-plated connectors, four-conductor Starquad construction for powerful rejection of EMI, and Double-Reussen shielding for increased rejection of RFI.

There simply is no better-sounding or more reliable cable on the planet, and Warm cables don’t come with a gold-plated price tag - these are wires that everyone can afford! Compared to other high-end cables offering lifetime warranties, Warm Audio cables cost 25-35% less on average.

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