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Korg Volca Sample 2

The Korg Volca Sample 2 brings you a new generation of Volca Sample with more memory, more features, and more connectivity. Compact and powerful, the Volca Sample 2 is a sample-based drum machine that has gained popularity all over the world.

Now, in an updated version, Volca Sample retains all the much-loved features while adding a number of new selling-points. Including a micro USB port for better connectivity, increased sample memory, a new up to date sound library, and additional functions for an improved workflow!


Portable Beat Making Studio
Housed in such a portable form factor, the Volca Sample 2 has everything you need to create music wherever you might be.

When used on its own, the Volca Sample 2 is an advanced machine with a powerful engine. It’s capable of 8 voice polyphony with digital reverb, a rich powerful double filter, and plenty of knobs. So you’re armed and ready for hands-on sample manipulation. What’s more, the Volca Sample 2 runs on 6 AA batteries and has its own integrated speaker. So it really is perfect for on-the-go beatmaking!

Furthermore, thanks to its USB, SYNC IN-OUT and MIDI connections; the Volca Sample 2 will seamlessly integrate with your live rig, production studio, or any other Volca model!


Faster Sample Management and Better Connectivity
Featuring a new micro USB port, the Volca Sample 2 allows you to connect your drum machine to your computer and easily control or manage your samples. You can control, sync, and play your Volca from any DAW. While the individual MIDI channels can be assigned to different parts which make it even easier for performing with an external device such as a keyboard.


Easier Sample and Pattern Management with your Computer
Additionally, the Volca Sample comes complete with its own dedicated Librarian software (MAC and PC). Using the new USB port, its never been easier to manage your samples and send them back and fourth from your computer.

On top of that, there’s also a dedicated AudioPocket manager app for iOS. Allowing you to record new samples on the fly then transfer them to your Volca Sample instantly.


Added Features: Take your Beats Further
What’s more, two new features have been added to the new Volca Sample which are sure to improve your music making workflow. Including pattern chain mode with 2 different STEP JUMP modes; and a new start delay function. Letting you slightly delay the start of any part for added grooves and swing! Not to mention, there’s more memory, pattern locations, samples, and bonus packs!

Volca Sample now has increased its memory to 200 memory slots, double the amount of its predecessor. 50 of which are left on factory settings and ready for you to load your original or pre-made libraries. You’ll also find pattern locations have been increased from 10 to 16.

Boasting a massive selection of 150 samples, the Volca Sample 2 is ready to take your production to the next level. Whether you’re producing Future Bass, Trap, Lo-Fi hip hop, and so much more!

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