Rycote Invision Lite 21

Rycote Invision Lite 21

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Invision Lite 21

Product Code: 041136

The INV-Lite is the new addition to the Rycote InVision range of boom shock mounts. Specifically designed for popular short-shotgun microphones, for indoor boom pole recordings, the unique ‘cam-lever’ design grips the mic at its rear without covering the interference tube slots. This allows for easy use of a foam windscreen, without the need to modify or cut the foam first. Choose the 19mm model for the DPA 4017B, 4017C & 4018; the Sanken CS-1e and Sennheiser MKH 8060, MKH 8050, 8040 & 8020. The 21mm version fits the Schoeps MiniCMIT.

Main Features

• Designed specifically for shorter, lighter shotgun mics for interior booming;

• Unique cam-lever clamp design allows super-fast mic access;

• Microphone held at rear, keeping interference tube slots free of obstructions;

• Patented Lyre® technology with new ‘wide’ Lyre design allows attachment of foam slip-on solutions;

• Rod weight distribution system offers superb balance across entire suspension;

• Robust, reliable Rycote quality;

• Weighs just 112g (without brass screw adaptor)*

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