Radial HDI High Definition Studio Direct Box with Jensen Transformers

Radial HDI High Definition Studio Direct Box / DI w/ Jensen Transformers

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Radial HDI High Definition Studio Direct Box / DI w/ Jensen Transformers. 

The HDI is a studio-quality direct box designed to create exceptional recordings with any instrument, utilising premium Jensen transformers and a unique Color control that provides an entirely new yet familiar-sounding sonic palette to experiment with.

Despite the complex circuitry housed within the unit, the HDI has an elegant set of controls that allows the musician or engineer to dial up a record-ready sound with a minimal amount of tweaking required. The Level control drives the inputs of the HDI with instant visual feedback from the responsive front panel meter, while the Color knob provides seamless blending between an ultra-clean tone and amp-style distortion and saturation, so you can add just the right amount of character and grit to your instrument.

With its gunmetal anodised 1/2" thick milled front panel and distinctive styling reminiscent of classic outboard studio equipment, the HDI is sure to turn heads in any recording space. A custom output meter provides a level check at a glance, with oversized chrome knobs for precise adjustments and easy tweaking on-the-fly.

  • Dial in an amazing tone within seconds
  • Blend from ultra-clean to amp-like distortion
  • Smooth Opto compressor for peak reduction
  • Mic and line-level outputs
  • Oversized custom-wound Jensen transformer


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