Yamaha PSR-A5000

Yamaha PSR-A5000

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Yamaha PSR-A5000 World Music Style Keyboard

Designed especially for World musicians, the PSR-A5000 becomes an ultimate partner for your greatest live performances and original content production. Explore the new features and get inspired with the new sound.

Your performances and compositions of music in genres from around the world will be more powerful and more expressive than ever before with newly sampled instruments and 210 fresh Styles. Oud, Qanoon, Nay, and many other Voices sound incredibly realistic thanks to new velocity-sensitive portamento, Super Articulation! Voices, and dedicated world instrument waveforms that are 10 times the resolution found in the previous generation of PSR-A.

Create your own original Voices and Styles with the PSR-A5000. Expansion memory has been increased to 1 GB (approx.). It gives you lots of room to design and store various and higher quality contents. The PSR-A5000 supports Styles with multiple time signatures, which increases your possibilities in Style programming.

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