Artesia PE-88 BK Portable Arranger Piano

Artesia PE-88 BK Portable Arranger Piano

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Artesia PE-88 BK Portable Arranger Piano

The Artesia PE-88 portable arranger keyboard is fully loaded and packed with numerous features in a sleek, lightweight design that is a great value for everything included! The 88 touch sensitive, full-sized, spring action keys have a dynamic response that makes it feel as if you're playing an acoustic piano. With over 130 sounds and instrument voices, as well as a built-in pitch blend, your musical creativity will thrive when using the PE-88. Record your ideas with the onboard 2-track recorder. The PE-88 is even compact and light enough to take with you on-the-go! Whether you're on stage or in the studio, see why the fully loaded PE-88 portable arranger is the trusted choice for producers and touring professionals alike.

  • 130+ built-in sounds 88 touch sensitive, spring action, full sized keys
  • Rich, three layer grand piano sample and built-in speaker system for realistic grand piano sound
  • Compact, lightweight (19 lbs), and easy to use
  • Compatible with music apps, learning software and DAW integration
  • 100 backing track styles
  • 2-track recorder built-in
  • Full USB MIDI Connectivity
  • Standard dynamic microphone hookup & volume control
  • Responsive Feel
  • The semi-weighted action and velocity sensitive 88-key keyboard brings the feel of an acoustic piano to your fingertips. The advanced action design offers dynamic response and smooth play-ability. It is also possible to change the key sensitivity to play more comfortably with a soft or harder touch.

Built-in Sounds
The Artesia PE-88 has over 130 sounds and tones built-in to ensure that you won't run of choices when creating! Choose from sounds ranging from the classic stereo grand piano to various organs, synths and strings.

USB / Midi Ports
USB & MIDI Ports allow it to be connected to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other compatible devices that offer amazing options for adding additional instrument voices, multi-track recording, fantastic teaching apps and so much more. The musical possibilities are endless.

Built-in Sounds
It has over 130 sounds and tones built-in to ensure that you won't run of choices when creating! Choose from sounds ranging from the classic stereo grand piano to various organs, synths and strings. Need some percussion accompaniment? The PE-88 has got you covered. Brass tracks? You bet. Let your creativity soar with all the sounds included on this portable arranger!

Professional Touch & Sound
This portable arranger keyboard is equipped with 88 touch sensitive, full-size spring action keys that offer a dynamic response with an incredibly natural feel. The 3D sound samples are recorded from acoustic instruments, and you'll be amazed at the high-quality, rich tones from it's many voices. From producers in the studio to professional touring musicians on stage, the PE-88 is sure to impress.

USB MIDI Connectivity
The PE-88 allows you to simply connect your keyboard to your laptop, tablet or smartphone via USB to Host MIDI ports to give you endless opportunities for recording and additional instrument voices. Connect seamlessly to any compatible Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software for professional recording capabilities and access to countless additional sound samples. Stay ahead of the curve with the PE-88.

Personal Recording Studio
With the Artesia PE-88, you can easily lay down your own custom tracks when inspiration arises. The onboard 2-track sampler lets you record your ideas while they are fresh and come back at another time to add to them or clean them up. It's like having your own personal recording studio right on your keyboard. Never let a single creative thought get away from you with the ability to record at any time.

Add Rhythms for Accompaniment
Let your imagination take hold with one of 100 styles of back tracks available on the Artesia PE-88. Add a Motown or Swing Band rhythm to play along with and keep the groove going. Maybe you want to add some Dance Pop beats? Or a Power Ballad? Spice things up with a Salsa track. With all of the styles to choose from, it's like having a full band backing you at all times.

Additional Connectivity Features
In addition to being able to connect to DAW software via USB MIDI ports, the PE-88 offers other opportunities including SUS/SOS, Line Out functions, and the ability to connect headphones for practicing in private! A Microphone input and volume control allow you to kook a standard dynamic mic for vocals. Sing along while you play and hear your vocals come out the multiple 15W speakers onboard!

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