Artesia PA-88H+ BK Portable Digital Piano

Artesia PA-88H+ BK Portable Digital Piano

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Artesia PA-88H+ BK Portable Digital Piano

The Artesia PA-88H+ piano is a great instrument for all players - from beginners to the pros on stage! The PA-88H+ has 88 full-size, fully-weighted keys that feel as if you are playing a true acoustic piano. This keyboard is designed with portability in mind to ensure a professional playing experience no matter where you might need to practice or perform. Connecting to your laptop and tablet is fast and easy with USB MIDI Out, allowing you to connect to your favourite recording software or educational app. This model allows you the option to connect a full 3-pedal sustain, soft & sostenuto pedal. The Line Out connectivity features let you connect to additional speakers for live performances, or connect your headphones for private practicing & arranging!

  • 88 fully-weighted, full-size keys
  • Built-in USB MIDI Out connectivity
  • Able to connect 3-pedal sustain, soft & sostenuto pedal (not included)
  • 16 built-in voices, reverb, chorus, bass & treble EQ
  • Power adapter, basic sustain pedal, and sheet music rack included
  • Professional Touch & Sound
  • Equipped with 88 fully-weighted and full-size keys, the true acoustic feel of this keyboard offers a dynamic response with an incredibly natural touch to allow for a professional, optimal playability. The 3D sound samples recorded from acoustic instruments will amaze you with their high-quality, rich tones. Choose from one of the sixteen instrument voices on board.

3-Pedal Option
The PA-88H+ allows you to connect a single sustain pedal, or the ASP-3X3 pedal from Artesia. The ASP-3X3 is a standard 3-pedal system with Sustain, Soft and Sostenuto functions for your piano.

USB MIDI Connectivity
Connect to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to allow for countless musical opportunities! With the USB to Host MIDI port, you can connect your piano to an assortment of learning apps and digital audio workstation (DAW) software to allow users the opportunity to engage in learning opportunities or to record music. Record a song directly from the Artesia Piano straight to your laptop!

Bult-in Sounds
The Artesia PA-88H+ has 16 sounds and tones built-in to ensure that you won't run of choices when creating! Choose from sounds ranging from the classic stereo grand piano to various organs, electric piano, harp, steel & nylon guitar, strings, choir, electric bass & more. It also includes reverb, chorus, metronome & tempo functions. Let your creativity soar with all the sounds included on this portable arranger!

Additional Connectivity Features
Whether you want to rock out and crank the volume up to 11 or tone it down and practice privately, you can do either with the Artesia Piano. In addition to the Sustain Pedal jack, the Stereo Line Out jacks allow you to plug directly into a speaker system for a bolder sound. You can also connect headphones using a 1/4" headphone adapter to practice without disturbing others or in private.

Performance On-The-Go
Forgot your DC power supply or you're not near a power source? Don't let this stop you from playing! In addition to the DC 12 Volt power supply, you can power the PA-88H digital piano with six D cell batteries to allow for extra mobility. Practice in the park, at school, or wherever your musical endeavors take you. With the Artesia PA-88H+ , your options for creativity will never be hindered.

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