Nektar Panorama P6

Nektar Panorama P6

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Nektar Panorama P6 - The most amazing USB keyboard controllers you have ever seen featuring deep integration with Cubase, Nuendo and Reason as well as the most advanced generic MIDI capabilities on the market. Featuring a genuine motorised fader. 61 key version. 

Panorama P4 and P6 are incredible keyboard controller instruments with the most intuitive workflow you have ever seen. A spectacular, deep Reason implementation and vast programming options, puts the spotlight on performance and creativity. Keyboard and pads are dynamic, sensitive and balanced carefully with a solid feel that allows for complete expression. 

All this, combined with 93 real-time controls available at any one time, makes Panorama the definitive keyboard controller for Reason. KEYBOARD BALANCED TO PERFECTION - Panorama's keyboard action uses weights to offset the otherwise increasing tension you would experience from the spring. This means the down movement is as clean as possible and not heavy or fatiguing to play.

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