Moog Subsequent 25

Moog Subsequent 25

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Moog Subsequent 25

Subsequent 25 is a 2-note paraphonic analog synthesizer that melds the hands-on
analog soul of classic Moog instruments with the convenience and workflow of a modern
sound-design machine. Moog’s most compact keyboard synthesizer, the Subsequent 25
delivers all of the rich sonic density that Moog synthesizers are known for.

Attain instant gratification with expertly programmed preset patches that will get you creating
right away, then explore the knob-per-function front panel to build something completely unique.
Set yourself apart by designing your own library of signature analog sounds, then save and
recall an infinite number of patches with the free Editor/Librarian Software.
Dial up ground-shaking analog bass by stacking all three Oscillators in Unison Mode, or engage
the new Duo Mode to split Oscillators 1 and 2, opening new doors of musicality by playing two
different notes at once. Trigger the Subsequent 25’s analog sound engine any way you like – by
integrating with other voltage-controlled analog gear via four onboard CV inputs, by interfacing
with your favorite DAW using DIN and USB MIDI, or go fully manual with the fast-action

Subsequent 25’s analog filter section contains the transformative Multidrive circuit, a unique
combination of OTA distortion and FET drive, which serves as a key spark plug for the compact
synthesizer’s powerful sound. Through the creative use of the Multidrive circuit, Mixer Section
(with optimized headroom), and Ladder Filter, a wide range of classic and modern tones can be

Balancing classic analog sound design with seamless integration into modern digital workflows
and DAW environments, the Subsequent 25 features full MIDI implementation, which allows for
MIDI automation and recall of all front-panel and under-the-hood synthesis parameters.

Designed for portability, Subsequent 25 is the most agile full-size Moog synthesizer, equally
reliable moving from stage to studio and every stop in between. The instrument's compact
footprint fits into any situation and won’t overtake your studio desk – yet still fills any room with
powerful synth bass, dynamic analog percussion, and harmonic-rich leads.

Subsequent 25 is a versatile new instrument for creative expression. With its streamlined
interface and dynamic sonic flexibility, this synthesizer fuses a revolutionary connection
between human and machine, opening portals to new musical experiences.

Under-the-hood functions:
Each function is accessible from the Subsequent 25 front panel, free software Editor/Librarian,
or via MIDI.
● Mono/Duo Mode
● Duo Osc 2 Priority
● Filter Velocity Sensitivity
● Volume Velocity Sensitivity
● Ext. Audio Level
● Osc 2 Beat Frequency
● VCO Gate Reset
● LFO Gate Reset
● Pitch Bend Up Amount
● Pitch Bend Down Amount
● Glide Legato
● Glide Type
● Filter Poles
● Wave Mod. Destination
● LFO KB Tracking
● LFO Range
● Filter EG Reset
● Amp EG Reset
● Legato
● Gate On/Ext.
● MIDI Ch. In
● MIDI Ch. Out
● Local Control
● 14-Bit MIDI Output
● MIDI Path In
● MIDI Path Out
● MIDI Merge DIN
● MIDI Merge USB

● Sound Engine Type(s): Analog (2 x Oscillators, 1 x Sub Oscillator, 1 x Noise
● Number of Keys: 25
● Type of Keys: Semi-weighted, Velocity-Sensitive
● Other Controllers: Pitchbend, Mod Wheel
● Polyphony: Monophonic, 2-Note Paraphonic
● LFO: Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Ramp, Sample & Hold
● Filter: Moog Ladder Filter with 6/12/18/24 dB per Octave Slopes
● Number of Presets: 16 (4 Banks of 4)
● Effects Types: Multidrive
● Audio Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (ext in)
● Audio Outputs: 1 x 1/4"
● USB: 1 x Type B
● MIDI I/O: In/Out/USB
● Other I/O: Filter CV in, Pitch CV in, Volume CV in, KB Gate in
● Software: Plug-in and standalone editor and librarian for Mac/PC
● Power Supply: 110V AC-240V AC (Internal)
● Height: 6.75"
● Width: 20.25"
● Depth: 14.75"
● Weight: 16 lbs.

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