Mackie MC-100 Professional Closed-Back Headphones

Mackie MC-100 Professional Closed-Back Headphones

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Mackie MC-100 Professional Closed-Back Headphones

The Mackie MC-100 headphones offer the audio performance Mackie is known for in a cost-effective, closed-back design that offers a degree of passive isolation for monitoring. The headphones feature custom, high-performance drivers for clear, balanced sound plus an ergonomic headband and earpads for hours of listening comfort. Designed for basic monitoring, content creation, or just enjoying music on the go, the MC-100 headphones offer reliable Mackie quality in an everyday headphone for a wide variety of applications.


High-Performance, Go-To Headphones

Experience the signature Mackie studio sound and build quality without breaking the bank in these reliable, over-ear headphones

Custom high-performance drivers deliver a balanced sound signature

The headphones feature a full frequency range‚ with an impressive bottom-end response down to 15 Hz and highs up to 20 kHz

Makes a smart, cost-effective choice for additional on-hand headphones for studio and production work


Comfortable Design Features

Soft padded adjustable headband and conforming ear pads

Ergonomic fit offers hours of comfort while ensuring optimal low-end and sound isolation

Engineered for studio monitoring, content creation, field recording, personal listening, and more

10' cable with 3.5mm connector and 1/4" adapter included

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