Korg GM12 2 piece kit perfect for duo

Korg GM12 2 piece kit perfect for duo

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Korg GM12 2 piece kit perfect for duos

The GM-12 is an ultra-compact metronome that you place in one ear the same way as in-ear earphones. Use several GM-1 devices so that everyone may listen in when practising and be in sync at the same time. Perfect for group training such as marching bands or dance groups and rehearsals.


  • A metronome that synchronises tempo across multiple devices—perfect for group practice.
  • Fits directly in your ear—the optimal device for musical instrument practice where you need to move around.
  • Canal type earpiece brings the metronome sound directly to your ear, making the sound easy to pick out.
  • Offers a wide variety of beats and rhythm variations—even-odd meters are possible.
  • Use the jog switch to set the tempo intuitively.
  • Low power consumption for approximately 100 hours of continuous use.
  • A memory backup function that automatically saves your settings from the previous use.

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