Korg drumlogue

Korg drumlogue

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The Korg drumlogue marks a paradigm shift in drum machines. It offers the raw power and rich sounds of Analog, the flexibility of Digital voices, and drumlogue’s SDK for fully customizable User Custom Synthesizers. 

On top of that, its heavy-duty, dynamic sequencer, customizable effects, and intuitive controls will make drumlogue a must-have in your studio to create music for any genre or style.


Raw Analog Power
Features completely newly developed analogue circuits by legendary Korg analogue synth team engineer Junichi Ikeuchi (ARP 2600 M, MS-20 mini,
ARP Odyssey…) 

Digital Flexibility
drumlogue provides 7 digital parts; 6 sample-based and 1 synthesis-based (Multi-Engine)

Multi-Engine and logue SDK
The Multi-Engine features a new User Custom slot that can play full-fledged synth voices that provide vast sonic possibilities, never before heard on a drum machine.

Custom Synths
Custom synths can be built to not only generate sound, but even implementing built-in filters, LFOs, MIDI-controlled polyphony or other parameters is now possible  

A True Sequencing Powerhouse
drumlogue's heavy duty 64 step sequencer makes it easy and intuitive to create complex rhythm patterns and polyrhythms 

Effects and customisation

Advanced Connectivity

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