IK Multimedia Uno Drum - Analog/PCM Drum Machine

IK Multimedia Uno Drum - Analog/PCM Drum Machine

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IK Multimedia Uno Drum

Fully programmable. Ultra-portable.
UNO Drum is the ultimate beat creation station for anyone and everyone to create warm, punchy, high-quality, and inspiring grooves. Made in collaboration with Italian analog specialist Soundmachines, UNO Drum follows the acclaimed UNO Synth, combining massive analog tone with digital flexibility and convenience.

UNO Drum makes it easy to program and perform using the widest sonic palette to add professional drum grooves to your music.


  • Killer sounding 12 drum elements
  • 6 fat, punchy analog voices
  • Up to 12 PCM voices
  • Analog drive and compressor
  • 100 drum kits
  • Wider sonic-palette
  • Analog character with digital flexibility
  • Suits more music styles
  • From Electronic to Hip-Hop, from Indie to Pop
  • Easy-to-use and perform
  • 12 multi-touch, double-velocity pads
  • 4 dynamic sound controls
  • 5 performance effects
  • Fully programmable
  • 64-step sequencer
  • Up to 8 parameters per step
  • 100 drum patterns
  • Integrates in any live, studio or mobile set-up
  • MIDI and USB in/out
  • Audio in to daisy chain other devices
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Battery or USB powered

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