IK Multimedia ARC Studio - Advanced Studio Monitor Correction System

IK Multimedia ARC Studio - Advanced Studio Monitor Correction System


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IK Multimedia ARC STUDIO 

Your room has a big impact on how you hear your music. The size, shape, materials, and furniture all work to distort the frequency and stereo balance of your monitors, degrading your sound.

ARC Studio analyses and corrects these issues in minutes. Your music snaps into focus, with more controlled low-end, tighter transients and pinpoint stereo imaging. It’s like an instant upgrade to your monitors.

And when you can trust what you hear, you’ll mix faster and more confidently than ever.


ARC System is made of ARC Studio hardware device, a measurement microphone and a software package.

The software package includes:
• An analysis standalone application used to measure the acoustics of the room
• A real-time, multi-platform plug-in to be used with any DAW
• A standalone control application to store the correction into the ARC Studio processor

ARC Studio combines the new ARC 4 measurement software, room analysis microphone and stand-alone correction processor.

Plug the mic into your interface and you’ll be guided through measuring acoustical spots within your listening position. IK’s award-winning ARC technology uses this 3D snapshot to identify and completely correct all the problematic issues degrading your monitors’ performance.

This correction profile is loaded into the ARC Studio processor, sitting invisibly between your interface and monitors to apply to all incoming signals. Correct any studio monitors in any studio, including hardware- and console-based setups.

Includes monitor emulations

ARC Studio also includes a monitor emulation function that turns your monitor system into iconic studio monitors and popular hi-fi speakers and mobile devices, with breathtakingly true-to-life results by accurately reproducing the frequency and phase response of the originals.

With over 20 profiles included, a single pair of monitors now lets you test your mix on different reference systems quickly, without ever having to head to your car!

Audiophile performance

ARC Studio features a 120 dB(A) analog input to analog output dynamic range, 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz frequency response and ultra-stable clocking for vanishing low jitter, offering total sonic transparency and a level of accuracy you only find in mastering-grade audio converters.

And it connects to your studio and monitors with balanced XLRs with power-safe relay-based hard bypass – so when bypassed you’re protected from sudden power-related pops.

Between the premium audio quality and ARC Studio’s all-new correction algorithm, you’ll enjoy the most natural, transparent monitoring ever.

The Analysis application guides the user through the measurement of the room acoustics, effectively turning a complex process that would require a skilled acoustical engineer into something very easy that anybody can perform in minutes, choosing between an Advanced Mode with 21 measurement points based on 3 different measurement layers or a Quick Mode with just 7 measurement points.

Once the measurement is completed, the software generates a correction profile that will be later applied by the plug-in when instantiated on the user's DAW main output, or stored to the ARC Studio processor.

The correction can be personalised with several options in order to best fit the various use cases, various types of rooms and, of course, user’s taste.

Correct every studio

For pro studios, whether in-the-box or console-based, ARC Studio allows for a sonically transparent correction and custom-tuning for any monitoring setup from nearfields to mains, preserving the inherent system’s sonic quality.

And for DAW-based studios, ARC Studio frees you from the hassle of inserting plug-ins on the master bus of your work and preserves zero-latency monitoring setups, plus allows you to listen to your preferred streaming service with acoustically corrected monitoring without messing around with system drivers.

You can create a profile for every configuration, listening position or even monitor pair. Whether you’re in a makeshift studio or a world-class one, fine-tuning your monitoring to your taste has never been easier and has never sounded so good.

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