FMR Audio PBC-6A Compressor

FMR Audio PBC-6A Compressor

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FMR Audio PBC-6A Compressor.

The PBC-6A "vintage-y" compressor possesses sonic bits'n'pieces reminiscent of many vintage compressors. From mild and smooth satin-like sound to over-the-top squashing, the PBC can be dialed-in to enhance almost any sound source. The PBC provides an unusual control complement to provide maximum flexibility in dynamically sculpting your sound: variable sidechain, sidechain access, hyper-exponential & linear release envelope control (Normal/THICK mode), 4 different linking methods, separate ATTACK & RELEASE time controls, hardwired bypass function and balanced audio input/output stages.

How It Sounds

The PBC is capable of a large range of effects. In a minimum DRIVE and KNEE setting, the resulting effects is a subtle, slight textural change to the source. Increasing DRIVE levels and, more drastically, increasing the KNEE control causes a less gradual change from low ratio compression to larger ratios occuring over smaller input signal changes. The result can be a drastic alteration of the source sound. Whether you're trying to get a sound to "sit right" in the mix or create over-the-top sonic effects, the PBC can be adjusted to help you realize your vision! 

How It's Done

Combining FMR Audio's trademark digitally-controlled analog processing in a  "no-threshold" (i.e., very low threshold) feedback configuration, the input DRIVE, KNEE and SIDECHAIN FILTER controls are key to the PBC's flexibility. Additionally, the THICK control subtly restores the natural transient dynamics to the signal.


— Main Features —

 Mono compressor in 1/3 rack size.

 Accurate & repeatable 5-parameter


 Variable eight-position, second-order

  sidechain filter increases effect


 Flexible, three method link mode

  with TRS link cable. Multi-channel

  links are possible.

 "THICK" mode smooths compressor


 Peak-hold, average "dot" mode

   meter, helps visualize sonic action.

 1/4" TRS sidechain insert for special



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