DPA 4466 Core Omnidirectional Headset Microphone - Beige

DPA 4466 Core Omnidirectional Headset Microphone - Beige

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The beige 4466 CORE from DPA is a lightweight omnidirectional headset microphone with an advanced, fully adjustable, stainless steel headset mechanism. The visually discreet, dual-ear design offers a very comfortable wearing experience for presenters and performers while providing broadcast-quality sound up to the demanding standards of theater, TV, and live event professionals.

The 4466 fits the wearer by using 3-point ear grips with spring mechanisms that grip comfortably above and below the ears and to the side of the head for added security. The 2-way adjustable boom system—length and height—features an anti-rotate mechanism that makes it easy to position the tiny 5mm mic capsule for optimal sound quality. A sliding lock mechanism secures the boom positioning. In addition, the 90° cable management system safeguards the cable from stress and directs it down the wearer's back, where it can't be seen.

DPA's CORE technology is at the heart of the electret-condenser capsule, providing an ultralow noise floor and wide dynamic range. With an SPL rating of 144 dB, the microphone is more than capable of handling loud speakers, vocalists, and presenters to deliver clean, transparent, and reliable sound for critical performances and presentations.

The 4466 CORE is powered by 5 to 10V plug-in power from a wireless transmitter and features a modular design using a Microdot output connector. A foam windscreen and carrying case are also included.

Modular System Featuring Microdot Connector with Adapter Options

Compatible Transmitters

  • Various: Works with various transmitters via a compatible adapter (available separately)
  • The modular design allows you to adapt the 4466's Microdot connector to a wide variety of transmitters simply by purchasing the compatible adapter—saving you the expense of buying another microphone
  • Optional XLR adapter: The DAD6001 Microdot to 3-pin XLR adapter (available separately) allows you to power the 4466 from 12 or 48V phantom power for wired applications

A Broadcast-Quality Headset for Demanding Professionals

5mm capsule with DPA CORE technology provides low noise floor and wide dynamic range for outstanding sound quality
Side-address mic capsule's omnidirectional pickup pattern captures audio from all around the microphone and delivers consistently excellent sound quality, whether the boom is worn on the right or left side
Handles loud speakers and vocalists at SPL levels up to 144 dB
One-size-fits-all, dual-ear headset fits a wide variety of head sizes securely and comfortably
2-way adjustable, non-reflective boom with locking system
Unique, comfortable 3-point gripping system above, below, and behind the ear
90° cable management constructed to guide the cable and minimize cable breaks
IP58-certified for dust and moisture resistance
Water-repellant Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) nano-coating of the cover and housing protects from elements yet allows mic and cable to stay extremely thin
Hermetic sealing protects the sensitive amplifier at the core of the mic

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