AKG D7 Microphone

AKG D7 Microphone

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AKG D7 - A new reference dynamic microphone delivers high end performance and noble sound in every studio and on every stage. 

The new Laminated Varimotion diaphragm deep-drawing process allows the diaphragm itself to be fine-tuned with no extra tuning resonators. 

This leads to a quantum leap in audio performance under each surrounding conditions and sound volume. D 7 creates that subtle and opened sound in all frequency ranges condenser mics are famous for, but it also has the powerful resonance from a dynamic microphone.

The integrated high-pass filter eliminates permanent all handling noises and the new acoustical designed inner windscreen makes you feel more secure in live use. 

The precision metal dust filter provides a consistent objection to the diaphragm. The original inner windscreen can be replaced with the extra windscreen supplied with the microphone, this offers a clear sound for a long time.

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