AKG C12VR - The reincarnation of the legendary C12 microphone

AKG C12VR - The reincarnation of the legendary C12 microphone

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AKG C12VR - The reincarnation of the legendary C12 microphone. Nine remotely selectable pickup patterns. Incl.W42 windscreen, H15/T all metal shock mount, power supply/remote control unit and individually measured response graphs. 3 Year Warranty.

The C12 VR is the reference multi-pattern tube studio condenser microphone with nine polar patterns selectable by a remote control. Among sound engineers, the AKG C12 is considered the holy grail of microphones. This legendary microphone, first built in the 1950s, is one of the most famous tube microphones in history, and its successor is todays C12 VR.

The C12 VR is an enhanced version of the original C12, from the capsule sound to the original 6072A vacuum tube carefully handcrafted in Vienna, Austria. The legendary AKG sound used on dozens of number-1-hits an enhanced version of the highly sought-after AKG C12 built 1953-1960
  • Edge-terminated CK12 capsule and original 6072A vacuum tube provide a sound that is simply beyond words
  • Selected state-of-the-art components ensure low noise and reliable operation
  • Nine remotely selectable polar patterns for maximum flexibility and ease of use
  • Carefully handcrafted in Vienna, Austria meticulous attention to detail ensures highest quality

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