Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X Dynamic Microphone

Beyerdynamic M 70 Pro X Dynamic Microphone

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M 70 PRO X

The perfect choice for broadcasters, streamers, podcasters and YouTubers: a dynamic microphone crafted to meet the requirements & needs of today’s creators!

PROFESSIONAL AUDIO QUALITY - Proven natural sound over the course of decades

In the studio, at home or for project recordings: The M 70 PRO X can be used flexibly as its’ designed to meet the needs of today’s creators; especially for podcasting and streaming. The microphone is characterised by a natural sound recording, it delivers the most detailed nuances and an exceedingly low-noise signal at all volumes. Elastic system suspension as well as the stable microphone spider audibly reduce unwanted sounds like footsteps, hand grips or keyboard noise. The included pop filter ensures that breathing noises and harsh plosive sounds are softened. 

For all broadcasters who want that perfect sound at home and on the road; the sound of the M 70 PRO X has been optimised specifically for speech, the microphone almost completely blocks out surrounding noise to deliver the best sound – even in acoustically challenging environments.

The Legendary Authentic Sound of beyerdynamic

Both PRO X microphones deliver clear and natural sound recordings. Thanks to a tuned proximity effect, the microphones never sound dull, and the extended upper frequency range picks up every detail of the voice. Mids are reproduced with the usual power and bass is extremely natural.

The new product series features a minimalist black design consisting of premium and interchangeable parts such as capsule, circuit board or connector. The high-quality aluminum housing and the robust steel mesh protect the microphone and reduce the weight of the M 70 PRO X compared to typical dynamic microphones, so that it can be attached to any tripod or microphone arm. 

The included elastic microphone holder, studio pop filter with gooseneck and carrying bag round off the delivery of the M 70 PRO X.


Transducer type: Dynamic

Operating principle: Pressure gradient

Frequency response

Close miking : 25 - 18,.000 Hz

Distant miking (distance 1 m):  40 - 18,000 Hz

Polar pattern: Cardioid

Open circuit voltage at1 kHz (0 dB = 1 V/Pa): 1.8 mV/Pa (-55.0 dB) }3 dB

Nominal impedance: 350 Ω

Load impedance: ≥ 1.5 kΩ

Connection:  XLR, 3-pin, male


Length:185 mm

Diameter: 52 mm

Weight: 320 g

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