Auralex SubDude HT

Auralex SubDude HT: Large Sub Isolation Platform

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Auralex SubDude HT: Large Sub Isolation Platform.

The Auralex® SubDude-HT™ is a larger, lower-profile version of their classic SubDude™. The SubDude-HT is designed to work with most large-format home theatre and hi-fi system subwoofers.

This patented isolation platform features a stylish velour covering over an inert structural layer that floats on a cushion of acclaimed Auralex Platfoam™. This carefully engineered solution allows the true sound of your sub to come through. Its isolation system negates, and does not produce, resonant artefacts.

This carefully chosen combination of specialised materials instantly diminishes structural vibrations, resulting in cleaner and tighter bass, reduced coloration and a more accurate low-frequency response. The SubDude-HT supports most subs up to 300 lbs. and is an incredibly effective isolation platform that instantly improves subwoofer performance.


  • Dramatically reduces structural vibrations through walls, floors & ceilings
  • Preserves the accuracy of the original audio track
  • Tightens bass and increases low-end clarity
  • Great for home theatre & hi-fi speakers

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