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ART ProSplit High Performance Microphone Splitter Box
A great quality and affordable microphone signal splitter. This device is designed to split a microphone signal into two separate outputs. This becomes handy when needing to send a mic signal to a front of house mixing desk, as well as a foldback monitor desk or recording desk.

Transformer Isolated secondary output
The secondary output of this device is transformer isolated, making it invulnerable to those nasty ground loops that occur when plugging a device into two separate mixing units. It also means that phantom power will only be supplied via the primary output, keeping your condenser microphone safe from overloads. Other features include a -29dB Pad and a ground lifting switch to reduce noise and hum.

Packed Full of Goodies
ART (acronym: Applied Research & Technology) are renowned for producing devices that feature unique gadgets and functions that make you think "Why hasn't anyone thought of that before?".


  • Balanced XLR input and outputs (one transformer isolated)
  • Ground lift switch
  • Input pad switch
  • Direct output
  • Transformer-isolated output
  • Tough metal enclosure

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