Auralex D36 Room Kit x 36 panels

Auralex D36 Room Kit x 36 panels

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Auralex D36 Room Kit x 36 panels. Roominator-DST Kits span a wide variety of applications, addressing the acoustic and aesthetic needs of the small project studio as well as the most demanding professional mix/mastering environments. Whether it's your first studio, a home theatre, or a Pro Tools Suite, the Roominators-DST Kits are designed to dramatically improve your acoustics, and give you a great designer look! 

Now you can have the expertise, features, and performance that you have come to expect from Auralex!

Perfect for spot treatment and that designer look. The Roominators D36 acoustic sound control kit offers you a starting point to reduce unwanted slap and flutter echo in your room. Think of all the creative possibilities these kits afford you as you begin to tune your room.

The D36 contains 18 Charcoal Gray DST-112 panels and 18 DST-114 panels in your choice of 3 colors (Charcoal Gray, Purple & Burgundy), with 2 Tubetak Pro Adhesives.

  • Full room kit
  • Suitable for small studio or home theatre
  • Addressing the acoustic and aesthetic needs
  • TubeTak Pro Adhesive included

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