Auralex 2 inch Studiofoam Metro 2 feet x 4 feet Panels

Auralex 2" Studiofoam Metro 2' x 4' Panels - 12 panels

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Auralex 2" Studiofoam Metro 2' x 4' Panels - 12 panels.

Auralex Studiofoam Metro uses a skyline-style approach with differing heights of protrusions to spread sonic energy out in the time domain. This means that Studiofoam Metro excels at absorbing a frequencies across the sonic spectrum. 

Since it takes slightly different amounts of time for sound waves to travel through the different thicknesses of the Metro, strike the wall beneath, and travel back through the the room, Studiofoam Metro effectively softens reflections rather than absorb them. 

Two-inch Studiofoam Metro retains more of the feel of the room than what Wedges or Pyramids, which means Studiofoam Metro provides a more natural-sounding acoustic space.

Auralex Studiofoam Metro Features:
  • Softens reflections rather than offering absorption for more natural room sound
  • 4" 2' x 4' sheets
  • Qty Per Box = 6 Sheets
  • Coverage Per Box = 48 sq. ft

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