Mackie MDB-1P Passive Direct Box

Mackie MDB-1P Passive Direct Box

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The Mackie MDB-1P is a passive direct box designed to connect a single instrument such as a guitar, bass, or keyboard to a microphone preamp for musicians and audio engineers in recording sessions, houses of worship, and live stage applications. It converts a high-impedance, instrument-level signal via its 1/4″ TS unbalanced input to a low-impedance, mic-level output via its balanced XLR 3-pin jack. A 1/4″ thru jack allows simultaneous connection to an amplifier or pedalboard.


With four models to choose from, you can get the perfect match for your instruments. Acoustic guitars and keyboards are right at home with the MDB-1P and MDB-2P.


From the inside out, MDB Series direct boxes are built to last. Thick steel chassis, impact resistant corners, and long-wearing jacks will keep these in your bag for years to come.


MDB Series direct boxes offer excellent noise performance and transparency. Whether you are in the studio or performing on stage, your instruments will always sound as good as they do at the source.

  • Perfect for live and studio applications
  • High impedance 1/4″ input with Thru output
  • Balanced Male XLR output connector with ground lift
  • Ultra low noise and distortion
  • -15dB Pad ensures distortion-free performance when connecting high-level sources
  • Built like a tank construction
  • Passive design requires no batteries or power supply


Type: Passive

Input Connections: 1 x 1/4″ TS unbalanced

Output Connectors: 1 x 1/4″ TS unbalanced, 1 x XLR 3-pin balanced

Input Impedance: 140 kOhms unbalanced

Output Impedance: 400 Ohms unbalanced

Impedance Ratio: 350:1

Pad: -15 dB

Dimensions: 38 x 86 x 147 mm

Weight: 0.4 kg

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