Mackie CR4-XBT - 4" Multimedia Monitors with Bluetooth

Mackie CR4-XBT - 4" Multimedia Monitors with Bluetooth

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The Mackie CR4-XBT gives you a pair of 4″ Bluetooth-enabled creative reference series monitors. Offering a compact yet effective solution for mixing, gaming, and casual listening. Powered by 50W of amplification driving 4″ woofers and 0.75″ tweeters; your CR4-XBT monitors will deliver adequate sound whether you’re creating content or just want high-quality audio!

Consisting of one passive speaker and one powered speaker; the CR4-XBT’s connect to each other via the included speaker cable. Each monitor also features a custom-tuned rear port that works to smoothly extend the low end. As well as a specially designed waveguide for clarity and proper dispersion of high-frequencies.

Additionally, the CR4-XBT supports plenty of I/O;  accepting a wired connection to your audio interface or soundcard, as well as wireless streaming via any Bluetooth device. You can also use the dedicated headphone input to pump your music through your favourite headphones. Perfect for those times when you can’t be too loud!

Finally, the Mackie CR4-XBT comes complete with a download for ProTools First. As well as the Musicians Collection plug-in package that gives you access to 23 high-quality plug-ins including BBD Delay, Eleven Lite, 304E EQ, and 304C Compressor.

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