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Korg NTS-1

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Korg Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Programmable Synthesizer Kit

Korg NTS-1 Nu:Tekt
Contrary to the Korg NTS-1’s size, this programmable synthesizer features a digital oscillator, inspired by the MULTI engine; found in the already acclaimed Korg Prologue and Minilogue XD. Coupled with an extremely capable arpeggiator that includes multiple ranges, scales, modes. Plus dedicated spatial, modulation and delay sections, each with multiple settings to explore.

Inspired Effects
The three onboard effects units are inspired by those on KORG’s minilogue xd, which itself took onboard effects to a whole new level. Numerous reverbs, modulation effects, and delays are available to blend and edit at will, to really finish out your sound creations.

NTS-1 also offers a fun and practical arpeggiator with several patterns available. Scales and numerous note orders including a Random mode are also available to create new and original ideas on the fly. The pattern length can be adjusted (from 1 to 24 steps) and, when synced externally, the step duration can also be adjusted (16th to 64th notes)

Thanks to its ribbon controller, simple interface and display, the NTS-1 can be played and enjoyed very intuitively. Deeper parameter changes are also possible with several combinations of buttons / knobs, furthering the possibilities. Don’t let its size fool you; NTS-1 goes deep but keeps it all easily accessible.

Customize the Experience
The fun isn’t over after you finish building the NTS-1. The screws on the side panels are long enough to let you easily attach custom side panels.

Get creative and use the NTS-1 in a wide variety of setups. Equipped with AUDIO IN, SYNC IN, SYNC OUT and MIDI IN connectors, the NTS-1 can easily be used in combination with other hardware and software.

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