Korg ARP 2600 FS Synth

Korg ARP 2600 FS

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Korg ARP 2600 FS Semi-Modular Synthesizer

The Korg ARP 2600 FS brings you a full-sized revival of the classic semi-modular synthesizer. One of the most established and famous synthesizers in history; the ARP 2600 FS consists of the 2600 sound module unit, as well as the 3620 keyboard unit. Not to mention, the ARP 2600 FS comes complete with a dedicated road case that accommodates for both units. Offering an ideal solution for transportation and protection!

The Total Package
More than just a synthesizer, the ARP 2600 gives you a complete sound design studio. Offering a bridge between modular synthesis and a complete production instrument. You’ve got access to an ample amount of oscillators, envelopes, a filter, and an amplifier. While also sporting a spring reverb tank and even a pair of built-in monitor speakers. Not to mention many of the vintage modular system features. Including a ring modulation; lag and voltage processors; an envelope follower; audio preamp; clock-able switch; noise source; sample & hold module; signal inverters; Auxillary mixer; and parallel-wired/multi-jacks.

Normal Pathways
Almost every slider and switch on the ARP 2600 is hardwired for a specific control source. Giving you massive amounts of immediate control and making excellent use of everything the ARP 2600 has to offer, without the need for patching. On top of that, true modular fashion means you can insert a patch cord into the jack associated with any hardwired control, and override the internal connection. Allowing you to create an additional signal path of your choosing. To make things easier, detailed graphics on the panel clearly show you the available signal routings.

Patch Bay Precision
Unlike early modular synthesizers, the ARP 2600 uses a streamlined 3.5mm (1/8″) jack. Allowing for more patch points to occupy the same amount of panel space, giving you more options and more versatility. What’s more, most of the patch points are arranged in a single row below the controls of the individual sound modules. Keeping the main panel clear and unobstructed for tweaking during performances. Not to mention, these patchable connections and onboard processors are compatible with nearly any modular or Eurorack synth system.

3620 Keyboard
While remaining faithful with its design, the 3620 Keyboard’s functionality has been massively enhanced with the latest ARP 2600. Containing 49 full-sized keys, aftertouch, and portamento. As well as being duo-phonic with single or multiple triggering available, so you can play two keys at once. You can also use an optional footswitch for locking the interval between any two notes, without retuning the oscillators during your performance. Vibrato can be added via a dedicated circuit controlled by aftertouch, the onboard LFO, or any of three available waveforms. Finally, the addition of a flexible Arpeggiator allows you to manually sequence and playback a user-defined pattern. While the original Pitch Bend knob and Octave Up/Down Transpose switches remain unchanged.

ARP 2600 – A Processing Powerhouse
Offering a unique assortment of valuable, esoteric, and individually patch-able modules, the ARP 2600 reveals its modular nature. To start with, there’s a set of parallel-wired Multiple jacks that allow you to send the same control signal to multiple locations. As well as a Lag Generator that works to delay the start of any control signal. While the Noise Generator is tunable to deliver White, Pink, and Low-Frequency noise. Then you’ve got a series of three Inverters that can reverse the polarity of any signal. You can also sync the Electronic Switch and Sample & Hold rate to either the internal clock or any external clock signal. Most notably, the Korg ARP 2600 includes a dedicated Preamp and Envelope Follower for processing external audio signals.

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