Kurzweil KA90

Kurzweil KA90

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Kurzweil KA-90 Hammer Action Keyboard

88-note, fully weighted hammer action keyboard with adjustable touch sensitivity.

20 Inspiring Factory Presets - Enjoy a variety of instrument selections featuring our Triple Strike piano, organs, guitars, strings, and more. 

50 Auto-Accompaniment Styles - Use left-hand chords to create real-time arrangements, triggering built-in interactive backing patterns in a variety of musical genres. 

Modern Cabinet with Integrated Sound System - Housed in an attractive stage piano stye cabinet the KA90 comes complete with a detachable music stand and built-in 4-speaker sound system. You're ready-to-go for either home or portable use.

Simple and Intuitive Controls - The sleek control panel and clear display provide quick access to all system functions.

MIDI Song Recorder - With the easy-to-use song recording features, you can record and store up to 5 of your own keyboard performances.

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